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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

HOA Pricing

Home Owner Associations can vary widely with demands, needs, and expectations. Real Property Management Acadia works diligently to determine what you are looking for and to provide that service to you.

Generally, an association will look to pay $25 per door for each property that is part of the association, up to 25 doors. 26 to 64 doors will be reduced to $20 per door and over 64 doors will be $15 per door. Additional fees are charged for meeting preparation, meeting attendance, and reporting.

Services Include:

  • Bi-monthly site visit and property inspection
  • Coordination of and management of vendor work
  • Scheduling of services for lawn care, landscaping, plowing, etc
  • Handling resident calls to address concerns or issues
  • Determine necessary maintenance items for repair and work with the HOA board for repairs
  • Year-end reporting of management fees and maintenance services provided.

a beautiful neighborhood

Our skilled property managers will maintain the common spaces (playgrounds, parking lots, swimming pools, and clubhouses) and verify compliance with the governing papers of your homeowners association, or HOA.

RPM Acadia possesses the professional knowledge, processes, and equipment required to provide outstanding service to your community. We’ll work with you to reduce the stress and difficulties of association management while also improving member interactions.