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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Is there a chance I won’t get a refund on my application?

It is likely you will not get a refund on your application, but please reach out if you have a concern or question. If you don’t apply it isn’t possible to get approved on a property.

We believe our application fee is modest compared to other property management companies and we do understand no one wants to spend money needlessly. We would encourage you to ask questions and be confident in where we are at in our decision process and trying to make the best decision.

There are times when interest is so much on a property people apply without viewing the property or asking questions or knowing the area and we want to be sure that the property will work for your needs and you are a good option for the property. We encourage you to apply and we will remove the property as soon as we finalize a decision for an approved applicant.

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Our property management strategy is guaranteed to save you money at every stage of the process. We make it easy to protect your investment, minimize costs, and maximize your income—without interrupting your daily life.

If you are interested in having your rental property managed by Real Property Management Acadia, have more questions, or just want to speak to one of our team members, then contact us online or call us directly at 207-561-7482.


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